Thursday, October 09, 2008


So, blogger has new stuff. I have resisted for so long and didn't upgrade, and I finally bit the bullet and upgraded, which is why everything looks different now.

First thing is THEY DON'T OFFER MY FAVORITE FONT! Sheesh. I guess I can get used to this new font, but I don't like it! No sir.

Second thing is my favorite blogs. It USED to open up a new page (a feature I loved that Salena showed me how to do), but now it goes to the new link in the same window. =( I don't know how to change it. They did make it easier to add links, but... I liked them opening in a new window. If anyone knows how to make this happen with the new blogger template, please let me know! I tried the "help" feature, but it didn't help.

And I really hate the way it messes with the format, too. I figured out how to turn that off, but when I did, it changed the format of all my old posts too and I don't have time to go re-edit them all!

I need to learn how to make my own template. Yeah, that's not going to happen. See below (organized post) - I don't have time to learn how to do that right now. Maybe when Conor is in college. Or wait. He'll probably know how to do it for me soon, right?


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