Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Friday Stuff

I've been looking at a lot of baby pictures on the internet. Different blogs I go to, or are referred to by the ones I do visit. I love babies. And NO! I don't want another one. I'd like to borrow one for a little bit... but I don't know anyone close who has one! It's just that feeling you get, you know... when you see a baby and it makes you long to hold one and breathe in the baby smell?

No, not the dirty diaper smell! Sheesh, fwb, I know that is what you were thinking. So don't try to deny it.

It's probably a woman thing, right? Do men get these feelings?

Matt, Deb? Either of you planning a trip to Ohio anytime soon so I can keep your kids for a few hours?

I need a baby fix.

In other news, the dentist visit went semi well yesterday. No Oreos were consumed before hand. However, Allie's wisdom teeth are in radar on the x-rays and the dentist wants them removed immediately. He doesn't do wisdom teeth removal, but he referred us to someone who does. I'm not sure what to think of this. Anyone else have their wisdom teeth removed before they even think about coming through? She would be knocked out, then would wake up with no more wisdom teeth.

I had mine removed, but not until they were established as residents in my mouth. Apparently, it is much easier to remove them before they become residents.

Today is a trip to the eye doctor. For both Allie and myself again. I also need to make an appointment for Conor because we received a letter from the school in the mail that said he had difficulty with a color test, so they think he should be tested by a professional.

Every time I go to the eye doctor, I have to take a "special" test because of some problems I had with my right eye years ago. Although they never figured out WHAT the problem was, or what it was caused by, they still test me every time. And they dilate my eyes. Yuck. I had enough of that when they were testing me way back when.

The "special" test I have to take has a name, but I can't remember it right now. I'll just refer to it as the pirate test. I have to put an eye patch over the eye not being tested, and then put my face in this huge round white thing. It's like a big globe, but with an opening for you to see the inside. They dim the lights and flash little dots on the inner parts of the circle. I have to push a button every time I see the dots. Sometimes I get paranoid and don't want to fail the test, so I start seeing things! Or, my thumb will have a spasm or something while I'm taking the test and it will push the button when there wasn't anything there.

Maybe that's why I never get to keep the eye patch - I fail at being a pirate. =\

Then they dilate my eyes and shine lights in them. And blow air in them to test for something. Gah. No wonder I don't like going there. I had repressed these memories until writing about this today and it's all coming back to me now! I think it's too late to cancel my appointment, though. I should have scheduled it for October 31st because my eyes look really wicked when they dilate them, so I could have played that up for scaring little kids in my neighborhood. Oh, well. Maybe next year. heehee

*Update and picture of my eye removed due to the strangeness of it all. :) Don't wanna scare people away, ya know!

My eye sight isn't really that bad. My glasses aren't required on my driver's license (mostly because I forgot to take them with me to the DMV when I renewed them, so I had to test without them), but I do like to wear them when I'm driving at night or watching TV.

I've always wanted to get glasses that look like the ones librarians used to wear in the movies. But I always chicken out, thinking I look like a dork. Maybe I'll pick out a pair that is different this time. If I get new ones anyway.

And wow, this is a long boring post that I am going to schedule for later! So, by the time anyone reads it, the appointment will be over! :)

Sorry for the rambling, it's Friday and I only have to work 1/2 day. Yipeeeee! WOOT! WEWT! and all those other slang terms for YAY! heehee

Have a good weekend! I'll try to post some pictures... or something. ;)


FWB said...

Argh, the eye doctor. I got another "friendly" reminder that I am two years overdue for an exam. I'm so sick of doctor's!
Is posting a picture of your eye a way to "watch" who visits your blog? haha. Kinda creepy K!
I think the baby thing is a woman thing though. I love my little one to pieces, but have absolutely positively NO desire to go through the whole baby phase ever again.

Katie said...

Yeah, it is kinda creepy. I might delete the picture, but i've had blogger problems this weekend. =\

Couldn't post any of the pictures I took over the weekend.

Misty said...

On the subject of wisdom teeth, when I had mine removed, I had 2 that were in and 2 that hadn't grown in yet. The ones that hadn't grown in yet healed alot faster than the other ones. They also say if you let them grow in, it causes your other teeth to shift. Just some information :)

mattells said...

Not sure when we'll be heading through/near/to Ohio. We're flying over (so East Coast of us) to get to Iowa for Thanksgiving, but we totally have to stop in some time when we're headed back to MI... If Hannah keeps growing the rate she is, I think Deb may want to go sooner to give you a good long baby fix. :)