Friday, October 03, 2008


OK, so... the whole scheduling thing didn't really work out for me this week. I have a lot of thoughts about different subjects, but a lot I'm not comfortable posting here.

Politics and religion, you just don't talk about them to people, right? One thing I do believe, though, is no matter what your religion or political views are, I respect your right to your thoughts and opinions. They may be different than mine, but hey... people are different.

Just like some people like spinach and the thought of eating it makes me want to curl into a ball and cry for my mommy. Who probably likes it too, and wouldn't comfort me at all, but tell me that I need to learn to like it. And bananas. YUCK. *shudder*

The point is, people are different. And I like you all! What would happen if everyone suddenly agreed with everyone else? Stepford Country?

OK, enough of that subject.

This has been a pretty busy week for me. You know what they say about not going to the grocery hungry? Well... they are right. And I did it not just once, but twice this week. On the same day.

On Tuesday I went to Sam's Club during my lunch hour because, well... because we needed toilet paper and I buy it in bulk at Sam's. And yeah, I've posted before about what happens when I go to Sam's. And, I hadn't eaten lunch, so I was hungry as well. So, after leaving Sam's with an over-flowing cart, I ran home and unpacked the refrigerated stuff and went back to work.

There were some things I needed that Sam's doesn't have, or that I don't like to buy in bulk because we just don't eat it that much. Besides, I forgot to buy peanut butter and I can't make that Chocolate Peanut Butter cake this weekend if I don't have peanut butter. So, I went to the grocery store after work. I picked up Allie (who wanted to go) and Conor and we all went shopping. Ceara didn't want to go, so she stayed at home.

And I bought way too much stuff. Allie and Conor contributed to it as well... "Can we get this? Can we have that? I need this for my lunch. I need that for something."

So, needless to say, you could not put one more single item in my freezer right now. It took me forever to rearrange stuff so that it would all fit. And the refrigerator part is just as bad. So, I'm hoping not to have to go for a couple of weeks.

Thursday night was our second-to-last volleyball game and it was COLD. I think my feet were ice cubes when I was done - the sand just doesn't warm up after a while. I hope next week (the last game) is just a tad warmer! No matter what else I might be wearing, if my feet are cold? I'm cold.

I am SOOOOOO glad it is Friday. My co-worker has been off all week, and it has been a really hectic and stressful week for me. I'll vent about my job on another post at another time. Just wanted to stress how glad I am that I have the next two days off!!!!!

The only thing I have planned for the weekend is Conor's soccer game. Other than that, I'll just be a taxi for the kids, and try to relax and enjoy my time away from work. :) Hope ya'll have a good weekend!


Misty said...

You have a good weekend too. About the peanut butter and chocolate cake................:)

Former Work Bud said...

Can I request that a piece of cake be fed-exed to me? Is that too much to ask? haha
Of course, I'm still waiting on my apple pie too, so you can save on shipping if you just send both at the same time......

Katie said...

OMG, you really changed it to "former"!!!

FWB said...

Would you prefer FWB?

FWB, who is expecting food! said...

Hey, don't try and distract from the issue at hand either....mainly, when will I receive my delivery, so I can be home to sign for it?

Barb said...

uhh....can I get in on that cake??