Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

Yeah, I'm finally loading them on here! :) The first few are when we were carving pumpkins the night before beggar's night. Conor picked out wolves to do, of course, because they are his favorite animal. But, he just picked it out. He got tired of "carving" right away. And when it came to cleaning out the pumpkin? He grabbed one scoop full of seeds and slime and declared that he "wasn't touching that stuff anymore."

Allie, playing the part of a deranged pumpkin killer. Oh, I didn't tell you she dyed her hair black? Well, yeah. She dyed her hair black. We'll maybe discuss that another time.

Ceara was on the phone the entire time, I think. It's a wonder her neck didn't get a kink in it.

Here's my... errr, Conor's pumpkin glowing in the dark:

And Allie had some technical difficulties so she went with I "heart" bat('s).

Ceara chose the skull crossbones pattern, but was unable to finish it because Allie broke both carving knives. I guess she didn't want to try with a real knife.

On beggar's night (or Trick or Treat night), Conor choose a ninja costume.

It went really well with the Casper bag I got for him... lol
Some of my neighbors dressed up to hand out the treats. Conor wore his mask for all of two houses before handing it to me to carry.
We met up with Haley (a little girl from Conor's school) and she walked around with us.
Conor was more interested in petting the animals when he saw them at the houses we went to.
Gage also went with us, but the one picture I got of him by himself didn't turn out. He's the one dressed as a football player.
We also ran into his friend Gunner, who also had some issues with the mask he was supposed to wear.
Here's Conor and Haley. She was dressed as Hanna Montana. Her parents and grand parents that were along kept trying to get her to sing into her microphone "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" But she refused. He even offered her a dollar to do it, but she declined. Conor jumped in and said, "I'll do it!"

Allie was our treat passer-outer. She sat at the end of the driveway with a book and a blanket.

It was fun, but now we have a TON of candy. And all I hear is, "Mom. Mom. Mom... can I have this? Or this?" (referring to a piece of candy from his loot he got) I think Jeff gets more of it than Conor does, so I'm sure the chocolate stuff will be long gone soon. Then it will just be all the non-chocolate stuff.

Hope everyone had fun on Halloween! We did! :)


Barb said...

Looks like everybody had a great time, and your pumpkins are awesome!

Cool costume, Conor!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Ceara is clearly not to be F'd with!
Love it!