Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

Outside of my office is a spider. I saw it from my car - sitting in his web (or her) in a bush near the door. Yeah, it's a pretty good sized one. It is also the same as the spider we have at home in a bush by our driveway. Black and yellow one.

We have a ton of mosquitoes around our house right now, I've never seen anything like it. You walk through the grass and they all stir up and fly around. I figure the spider is there to take care of the mosquitoes, so I leave him alone. As much as I hate spiders, as long as he doesn't try to come into my house I can leave him alone.

So, I started thinking about bugs in general, and how many different kinds of bugs there are in the world. And do we really know what all the bugs in the world are? Who has the job of discovering and naming them? Is this really a job someone has? And how often do we get new bugs because of ... the species intermingling? Say a grasshopper and a cricket have an affair...

Yeah, I really had these thoughts today while contemplating the spider. I know I'm weird. You don't have to tell me.


U2BWB said...

Random Trivia:

There are well over 1 million different known species of insects in the world, experts estimate that there is as many as 9 million yet to be discovered.

U2BWB said...

Random Trivia #2:

Spiders are not insects, spiders belong to the Class Arachnida, insects to the Class Insecta. Arachnids are as distant from insects, as birds are from fish.

I'm full of useless information! haha

barb said...

I am NOT fond of spiders!! I got bitten by one a few weeks ago while working in the garage. I never even felt it!!

I didn't know what happened till this huge red, raised, hot spot showed up on my chest just below my collar bone in the front. It showed up when I wore certain blouses and shirts with a "V" neckline. Everybody gave me the "horror face" when I told them it was a spider bite. (I went to the Dr. for confirmation).

I decided not to freak everybody out anymore so I started telling them it was a hickey.......then they all laughed in my face! Go figure.