Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The 39 Clues

A few months ago, OK more than a few... March to be exact, I won some books from Jenn at Juggling Life that I thought Conor might be interested in.  They were shipped to me in a very timely manner and I received them... then started the whole moving process so the books got packed away and it took us years, err I mean months to move. 

The books I won are the first 2 books in a series called The 39 Clues:

Conor and I started reading the first one Monday night and boy am I hooked.  They are aimed towards a bit older of an age group than Conor, but he is enjoying them too.  They are definitely books that will appeal to boys, and also girls! 

The first night I read it to Conor right before bed time and I didn't want to stop after he fell asleep.  I read on a chapter or two telling myself that it would make reading it to him easier if I knew what was happening.  I made myself put it down before I got too far ahead. 

The second night I read it was last night.  I kept reading LONG after Conor fell asleep.  Until, ummm 2am actually, when I finished the book. 

It has mystery, it has adventure, it has characters you love and characters you hate, and characters you are suspicious of... everything a book / story needs to keep a reader hooked.  I had never heard of these books prior to Jenn posting about them, and when I finished the first book I immediately went to look to see how many were in the series and if they were all available yet.  There are 10 on Amazon, and they have a nifty little box set of all 10 - which I would totally buy if I didn't already have 1 and 2.

The main characters are a brother and sister duo (Dan 11 and Amy 14) who lost their parents and although they come from a huge, rich family, they have only each other to count on. 

So, if you have any kids and want to get them into reading - this is a good series to start them with!  Conor is only 7, and I think he is a little on the young side for this book, but he is enjoying it. 

And I'm uhhhh, well much older than Conor and I enjoyed the first book enough to sacrifice sleep to finish it.  I must say that I am looking forward to the remaining books and finding out what the treasure is at the end of the clues! 

Jenn does a book review / giveaway almost every Monday.  You should check her out and see if there are any books you are interested in.  Since I hadn't even started the books that I won from her, I didn't feel I should enter any more until I did so.  I would feel so bad if I won another one and hadn't finished the ones I won before!  There are quite a few she has reviewed that I have noted for future reference, though.  You know, when I have more time to read.  Like in the winter months coming up!  :) 


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is so cool!

I can't believe I got then to you in a timely manner--I never do that!

Katie said...

LOL! I keep meaning to start giving away some of my books that I have in boxes still, but haven't because I don't have it together enough right now to ship them out. Someday soon I hope. :)