Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Monday...

I had a great start to the week because I went to bed at 9:30 last night and got up a lot earlier than usual this morning.  I had EXTRA time before I had to wake Conor up, and before I had to leave for work.  It was quite nice, I must say. 

In the last year or so, I have been given extra work at a steadily increasing rate and it has not yet stopped.  So I feel like I'm always forgetting about something and having the weekend to not even think about work doesn't help my Mondays.  Because while I used to not stop thinking about work, I've learned to just leave it there now.  Just when I think I'm feeling comfortable with the work I'm doing, they throw a wrench in it.  I'd really like to find another job, not because I want to leave this one so badly, but so I could possibly negotiate a raise.  I have so much work I do for so many different branches in our company - I don't know that anyone else would even know how to do my job if I left.  With their current "be happy you have a job and don't even think you are going to get a raise" attitude, it doesn't make for happy employees when they lay people off and then just pile work on the employees left behind with no additional compensation.  In addition to that, my boss - who used to appreciate me and tell me how much he appreciated me - was promoted to be over another branch and he's so caught up in that, he barely notices me anymore.  He's only in the office one or two times a month, if that.  Today was very busy... very, very busy.  My early start helped, but I ended up working late, too. 

Onto more cheery topics... errr more Monday stuff. 

I wrote last week how I was reading The 39 Clues to Conor, and I wanted to get more of the books because I, uh, finished the two I have and I want to read more.  I actually finished the second one the day after reading the first.  Since they are kids books, they are fairly easy for me to read on my own. 

I went to Amazon and also Barnes and Noble (because I have a gift certificate there) and then decided it would take too long to get them, so I didn't order any.  I then proceeded to go to my local Walmart over the weekend and they had EVERY book except for #3 - the one I'm on.  I then decided I really don't need to buy them (lack of space and all) and I went to our local library at lunch today.  They don't have ANY of the books, but the neighboring town (which partners with our town's library) has 1 of each volume.  I didn't have time to go there though.  I also looked for some other books that I had listed on my phone's memo feature that I wanted to read.  Not one single book was available that I wanted.  Which made me sad.  I don't know if they are having funding issues or not, but now I want to go buy the books and donate them after I'm done reading them.  If I ever find them in stock anywhere that is. 

So, if I would have just ordered them from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, they would probably already be here. 

I then went to a local chocolate factory - because I had time, and because I was craving one of their specialties - and I was the only person in the shop.  I had time to spare (I was on my lunch break) so I looked around a little bit before picking up my favorite.  I went to check out and there was an issue with the receipt paper - it wasn't turned on, so she wasn't sure if my card went through or not.  It took a good 25 minutes to figure it out and get the paper to reprint and that made me late back to work after lunch. Not too bad, just about 10 minutes. 

So, that was my Monday.  My work Monday anyway.  Everything was surprisingly calm when I came home.  The kids had already fed themselves - Alli ordered Chinese food - so I didn't have to cook.  Conor had a friend over, so they were playing outside and I just vegged. 

Now I'm going to go watch some TV with Conor and do some more relaxing... this post may be all over the place, but... I don't really want to correct it right now.  It fits in with the rest of my day.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!  Mine was hectic, but I'm oddly relaxed now.  :)


mom said...

Restful sleep does wonders. I hope your employer realizes soon how much you deserve an increase.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

In our library system you can order a book online and they will have it waiting for you at your branch within a day or two--maybe you have that, too?