Friday, December 10, 2010

Got Milk?

It would sure go good with all these cookies!  :)  Conor's birthday is Saturday so I made some cookies for him to take to school to share with his classmates on Friday.  Chocolate Chip Cookies with icing, sugar sprinkles, and a sugar decoration.  I'm sure the teacher will wait until the end of the day so that the kids go home to bounce off the walls. 

I made two trays full so that there would be plenty to share with his classmates as well as other teachers.

This is a first for me - each item has to be individually wrapped, so I had to go out and get some Ziploc bags to put them in.  That wasn't required last year, or if it was no one told me about it.  It actually makes it a bit easier to transport because if they are not in the bags I'd have to put them in Tupperware and not stack them for fear of messing them up. 

Tomorrow I will be working on the cake for his birthday party on Saturday.  LASER TAG!!!  Woot, should be fun.  I'll try to get some good pictures and videos of it.  I've never been so I'm not sure how it works.  :)

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Happy day-before-Conor-turns-8! 


mom said...

Those cookies look quite yummy. I hope you saved a couple of them for me and Pop.

Mayo said...

Tell Conor your former work bud says "Happy Birthday".
Gosh, Eight already? Time sure flies!

Barb said...

Katie, the cookies are awesome! What fun to decorate and have them look so cool for his birthday. He should be proud to have such talented parents. Happy Birthday Conor!!