Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have you seen this elf?


Have you seen this elf?
Santa has been searching everywhere for this elf.
It has been rumoured that one of Santa's best workers has run away from
The North Pole to parts unknown (some say possibly Cincinnati).

It has been reported that toy production is falling behind. The elf in question was overheard by one of our sources, "We were loading sleighs one day and I heard him muttering something about being too cold at the North Pole and there wasn't any baseball."

If anyone sees this elf, please contact Santa or Elf Headquarters at The North Pole. This elf is considered to be polite and friendly and smiles often. He was last seen wearing red, with a red hat; he has red hair and he is over 6 feet tall.

*****News Bulletin*****

This just in! We have just received a report that he was last seen baking Christmas cookies!!!


Barb said...

Ohhh, the abuse! Run John while you still can!!

bb said...

But leave a few cookies behind.....k?

mimi said...

Great picture, Jon.

Anonymous said...

noooooooooooooo why no more toy