Saturday, December 04, 2010

Public Service Test: Does chocolate milk aid in cleaning?

I had a thought this morning - "Could chocolate milk be used as a cleaner?"

So even though I had just gotten Jeff to agree to go do some Christmas shopping (!), I decided to test the thought and poured some chocolate milk on my kitchen floor.  A half a roll of paper towels later, I came to the conclusion that it does NOT.  Although, if I had bought the "quicker picker upper" maybe it wouldn't have taken so many.  Who needs to make things easier?  Certainly not me. 

Anyway, after getting the mop out and mopping the kitchen floor - including moving the stove because there was some under there, too - I decided that maybe it does aid in cleaning.  It made me clean the entire kitchen floor, plus under the stove, when I really hadn't planned on doing that today. 

So, in conclusion - if you really weren't planning on mopping your floor and moving appliances around to get under them as well, just pour an entire glass of chocolate milk on the floor.  It helps motivate you, even if it doesn't aid in the actual cleaning. 

Now I have to hurry and get ready to go shopping before Jeff changes his mind!


Mayo said...

What in the world would make you associate chocolate milk as a cleaning agent?

Katie said...

LMAO! It was just my way to cover for the fact that I knocked my full glass off the stove, silly. Just trying to be funny... :P

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Don't you hate it when that happens?!

Barb said...

All I can think of is how sticky it must all have been....YUKKY!!