Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Busy work...

So today, while I was working from home, Conor was wanting some entertainment. We played I-Spy Bingo for a little bit, then I had Allie help him to make some cookies. They made the cookies while I worked, then I made some icing and Allie got distracted by some friends who came over to visit. So, Conor and I decorated the majority of the cookies, and I can count 3 that Allie did (in the picture, anyway - I think she and her friends ate some!) and the rest were done by me and Conor. Conor ate the ones that he did, too! So, here is what we have left for Valentine's Day tomorrow:

They didn't want to roll out and cut them, so they just made circles and we decorated with hearts. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :)

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barb said...

Oh these look sooo yummy!! Nice job, Everybody!!

The kids brought me a couple really large cookies they made and decorated with Grandad, sadly those have disappeared!

Katie, I think you use your digital camera just to torture us!!