Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, so often Conor will say something that is so cute, or so funny... and most of the time I forget to write about it, but there were 2 recently that I wanted to write here so that I would remember them! :)

One day when Conor was getting on my last nerve... he was bugging the dogs, running around, and every time I told him to stop he would stop for like 2 seconds until I went back to cooking (or whatever else I was doing) and then he would start again. I finally stopped him and said:

"Conor you have got to stop! When are you going to listen to what I am saying to you??"

"When I'm 6." There was no thinking about it, it was just a matter-of-fact statement.

It was all I could do not to crack up. I just said, "Oh, great! I have 2 more years of just talking to air, huh?"


"Well, you better start sooner than that or you're gonna have a sore little butt!"


On Friday, Ceara's sister came to pick her up to take her to her mom's and she was telling me that her boyfriend just got a chocolate lab. Upon hearing this, Conor said excitedly "Me and my dad LOVE chocolate!"

Which is true. Jeff can't go a day without a chocolate-y treat. And Conor is definitely following in his daddy's footsteps with that.

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Barb said...

HAHAHA!!! There's nothing left to say!