Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

Well, with all the snow and sleet that have already fallen, and the snow that is forecast to fall, I am working from home today. Allie is off school and is here with me and Conor, too. Ceara is at her mom's - she went last night in hopes that school would be closed and if it wasn't, her mom would take her.

It is not easy to work from home... Conor wants to play all day! We have played Bingo several times already, and will likely play again, but I had to check in on my work stuff so he is currently watching Scooby Doo.

Jeff is on the road up North - he is supposed to head back this way and be home tonight, but I told him to stay there another night if it was really bad. From what I have heard they have a lot more snow up there, but they don't have the freezing rain. He is more afraid of driving in the freezing rain than the snow, but they both scare me when they are in large quantities.

So, say a prayer for him to be safe.

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barb said...

It must be so nice to be able to cozy up at home and still get paid to do some work!! (I know, I don't see the frustrating part!!)

Tell Jeff that his ol' mom prays for him every day while he's in that truck, ice, snow, rain or shine!!