Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mother of the year... NOT

Well, the other day Conor was doing flips on our bed, showing off how talented he is... one of his landings was not exactly a good one and he hit the back of his head on the foot board of the bed. Of course Jeff and I both rushed over to look at it, I was holding him, rubbing the back of his head and I said, "We should get you some medicine, it will make you feel worse."

Yeah, ummm, I really did mean to say better.. and I have no clue why I would have said that! So, Jeff gave me a really odd look and smacked my shoulder (as if to say "What is wrong with you, telling him that??"), so I tried to correct myself...

"I mean better. Medicine will make you feel better!"

Then I realized what I had said and I started laughing.

So, yeah... while Conor sat there with tears streaming down his face, I was laughing... I could not stop. Bad, bad, bad Mommy. Jeff just looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

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Barb said...

Oh Katie! I remember those days! You just get so tired that nothing about you works in sync anymore and you just get slap-happy! Poor Girl!! A good night's sleep helps, I hope you get one!

A boo-boo ice pack in the freezer sure helps little-boy bumps and they are drug-free! (unsolicited advice from an old mom!)