Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well, I did it again.. I took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. :) And again, it was fun! They have changed since the last time we went - they remodeled the play area again. The first thing we did was play Skee-ball. I love Skee-ball, so I got to play too! Joy. :)

After that Conor and I just went around and played various games, while the girls went off on their own and did the same. Conor wanted to ride their simulated roller coaster machine, so Allie road it with him. Here they are on the "ride" - the entire machine moved with the screen to go down hills and curves:

Conor held on tight...

He was scared, and Allie was having a blast!

When Conor got off, Ceara joined Allie for another ride...

Ceara is helping Conor punch the poor little duckies on this one.

Conor absolutely loved shooting the bad guys on this machine. You had to "shoot" off screen to reload, and he got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Then he let Allie do the shooting.
We ate pizza in between all the game playing and after all our tokens ran out (100 of them!) Conor picked out his prizes. He got a ball for himself and a stamp ring for Carley - his girlfriend at the sitter's house. It's so cute how he always thinks of Carley. After we left, we went to The Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.
Oh, and again, I have not edited the pictures to remove the date. :) We did not go in January, it was sometime in May... lol

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Work Bud said...

I'm so confused! Am I in a time warp, or just reading a tard blog? So according to the dates, Conor is graduating high school this year? My how time flies! hehe
I've only been to Chucky's House of Horror scared me. Giant mice should not be allowed in pizza places, I think it's a health code violation or something.