Monday, June 11, 2007

Way Behind

Ok, so I know I am way behind on updates on this thing! The kids and I were on vacation last week - we went to North Carolina to the beach - and I have stuff since before then to post as well!

I will try to get to that soon, but just to update some people - the trip to NC was .. eventful and boring for me. We arrived on Saturday night at about 5PM, and on Sunday morning around 9am-ish we were swimming in the ocean and my knee got injured by a rip tide. They were quite strong that day - and it kinda tried to bend my knee in the wrong direction. I felt it pop twice and that was about it for my walking abilities the remainder of the trip. I am getting ready to leave now to go see an Orthopedic Specialist and get an MRI (I think today, or maybe schedule one...) and see what damage was done. I went to the ER in NC and have had a "knee immobilizer" on my leg (full leg cast-type thing, but removable for sleeping) and have had (not always used cuz they suck!) crutches. I hobble along without the crutches better than if I had to use them! So - eventful with the accident, and boring afterwards when I had to sit all the time and not go to the beach! I did get to read two books, but even got tired of reading after those two.

So, I will do more updates when I get a chance. This was just a quick one to let you know a little... :)


Barb said...

OH NOOO!! Poor Katie!! I know how bad that hurts, and I'm so sorry it happened on your vacation! Still....sounds more glamorous to say you were "injured by a rip tide" than "I tripped over a sunbeam on the rug"!!
Get well soon!!

Alikat Corner said...

LOL - Glamorous.. yeah. :) I didn't feel so glamorous trying to crawl out of the ocean on one knee while the waves tried to drown me! I had so much sand all over me, inside my swim suit and out. I think it took days to get it all off of me, even with showers - hard to take showers when you can't bend one leg.