Friday, June 22, 2007


On Wednesday night, my boss (Dave) invited me as well as a few others to join him and his wife at a local Buffalo Wild Wings for some fun and Karaoke. One of the other people to come was Joe - I always think of Joe as Dave's boss; sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. :) Anyway, Joe was the only one of us who was planning to actually get up and sing, so I took along my digital camera to get it on video. He also brought his sons, and two of them got up there to sing as well. So, I am posting the videos here so that I can share it with some of our fellow coworkers... Enjoy. :)

You will hear the hecklers (Dave and John) in the back ground...

This one is of Joe doing The River by Garth Brooks:

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This is of Joe and Carter doing Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison:

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And here is Alex doing Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi:

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I would say a whole lot of nice things about Joe, but.. I want him to be able to fit his head in the door when he comes to work. :) Besides, he already knows he is good.


Anonymous said...

He is a good singer, but .. what impresses me the most is his great relationship with his children. Watching his face and how he interacts with his kids... that is something that says more about him (and his character) than anything else.

Work Bud said...