Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shopping with Conor

Well, we had a most interesting time grocery shopping last night. Conor, Ceara, and I went (Allie was at track) and when we got there the cart person was gathering carts right in the middle of the isle where I chose to park. So.. I sat there, thinking she would go around me, but.. she just sat there too. We finally got past each other after a few minutes and Conor said, "Tell her she was in your way."

"Nah.. no big deal."

So.. we get out of the car and are walking towards the door and we pass the cart lady. So, Conor decided to tell her himself. "Hey, you were in our way!"

I grabbed his hand and just walked by.. Ceara and I were both cracking up.

Next stop, strawberries... we chose 2 containers - Ceara picked up one, I picked up another. Conor wanted a different one, so I took his and gave him mine to put back. Ceara pointed out that the ones I chose were redder - so he changed his mind and put his box back. "We can just get these next time."

A woman in red scrubs was getting strawberries too, and she laughed at that. Then I asked Conor if he wanted some bananas. "Yeah, but not the green ones, I want the yellow ones." I grabbed a bunch of them and he said, "No, not those, these." The red scrubs lady was there at that moment too, and she laughed again.

So.. we move onto the bread.. same lady there and Conor said, "This is taking FOREVER!"

I was laughing as much as the lady was.. he was being comical. The very best part though was when we were walking down an isle and the voice over the speaker said, "Are you looking to innovate your Spring?"

Conor replied very loudly, "No! We're looking for cookies!" I don't think he realizes that we never got any..... :)


Work Bud said...

How can you go to the grocery and not buy cookies? That's criminal and Mommy should be locked up! haha

That reminds me of a recent trip to Sam's Club, they were "taste testing" their deli cookies and my daughter wanted one, so I let her walk over and get one, since they were small (they were cut into fourths). Next thing I know, she returns with a WHOLE COOKIE! Her response "The lady said I was cute, so I deserved a whole cookie". Well, Daddy was silently thinking it was very "nice" of the lady to give my daughter an unwanted sugar rush the rest of the afternoon! haha

Barb said...

He sure keeps life interesting!!