Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Fun

Jeff took the summer off from his college classes, so every Wednesday, he has kept Conor home with him and they do fun stuff. Some male bonding, I guess. :) The first two weeks he had with no classes or homework, he and Conor packed up the truck on Tuesday night when he returned from work and went off camping.

Then they went to the Cincinnati Zoo. Jeff took my camera along and took some of the normal pictures of all the animals they saw, but I am only putting the ones with Conor on here. :)

I'm not sure if this picture was taken upon arrival to the zoo or not - Conor is not looking real happy and since it was one of the last ones in the order of the pictures, I think it was when they were leaving and he was tired. Also, I just noticed when I was putting them on here that the date on the pictures say 01/28/03 - NOT the correct date as this was in May of 07. lol (Guess I need to check out my camera and find out why it's showing the wrong date!)

Visiting the bears:

Here Conor was posing for a picture when a big Polar Bear walked up behind him! He escaped harm because it seems the bear is just wanted his picture taken. Quite a ham, despite not being a pig. ;)

Here Conor narrowly escaped the jaws of a crocodile - I can't believe Jeff took the time to take a picture before saving my baby! :)

Here Conor caught a ride on the back of a momma Gorilla with her baby:

And I had to include a shot of Conor's absolute favorite animal - the Tiger. Although Conor prefers white Tigers now, he still loves the Bengal Tiger, also.

Jeff just told me that I should have edited all the pictures and removed the date from them since it is incorrect. I explained to him that I noted in the writing part that the date is incorrect, but he still says I'm going to have a "tard" blog because I do not want to go back and edit all the pictures. Oh, well. It's my blog and I will do it how I want to! :)
I have many, many more pictures to post, so you might get more than one post today!

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