Friday, July 04, 2008


Yeah, so, today... well, technically yesterday (Thursday the 3rd), is/was my birthday. And I had a pretty good day. :)
To start with, Jeff went and got me some coffee in the morning when I got up. Mmmmm coffee. Then after a relaxing morning, my Mom took me and Allie (since her birthday is Sunday) out for lunch. In the past it has usually just been mom and me, but this year we took Allie, too. I guess because she has grown out of that annoying stage (into a new one, but.. still) and she doesn't whine about stuff when we are trying to enjoy lunch. We went to the Olive Garden.
We ate lunch then went back to Mom's house to have cake. For my birthday, she made me Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Cake. Ever. And is it ever. So moist. So chocolaty. So good. Mmmmmm. (For those of you who live in the area... come on over for a piece. If there is any left when you get here!)

We called and invited Jeff, Ceara, and Conor, but they were busy and couldn't make it. So we dug in. After eating the cake, we were all a bit comatose and all wanted a nap. I told Allie to get ready to go then went to mom's room (where she had gone) to say bye - just to remember that I was supposed to help her with some computer stuff.

So, I started some scans and laid down on her bed. For me, my mom's bed has always been the most comfortable bed ever. She also has a twin bed in her room (where the grand kids USED to sleep when they spent the night), and she laid down on it. She prefers the twin bed now, and the kids sleep in her bed when they spend the night.

I was near sleeping when the scan finished, so I got up to complete it all. Then I told Allie to get ready to go again, and started gathering my stuff. Then we noticed Jeff had pulled in and was walking up to the door with Conor and Ceara.

They visited for a little while, then we all left - Allie went with them to the grocery and I came home. To find this:

I left everything as it was and did a little organizing of things in my room until they got home. And NO, I didn't peek. It never even occurs to me. I never want to know what I'm getting before I get it. Even on Christmas. I prefer to be surprised.

They came in with a ton of groceries. Sheesh you would think we had nothing! Which is what the girls always say, but it is not true. We put the groceries away, then Conor wanted me to open my presents. There was the bag, a wrapped one, and a card. I started to go with the card and was immediately told "NO! Not that one!" So I reached for the wrapped one. "NO! Not that one either!"

So, that left the bag. Apparently each gift would give the main one away, so I needed to open the main one first.

When Jeff asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted an MP3 player. No specifics, just anyone would do. They got me an iPod Nano. WOOT! The wrapped gift was a carrying case, and the card held a gift card for the iPod store so I could get some music.

The Nano also can play movies. So I could load a movie and take it to work and watch it without anyone even knowing. Not that I would do that... just maybe on slow days when it's boring... ;)

Then, they had gotten a cake at the grocery store and I blew out candles. Just as I was getting ready to get plates and cut it, I was told no again. Jeff was fixing dinner first... before cake. Yeah, that's the reasonable thing to do. I guess.

Conor was disappointed, so I told him to get some icing off the back of the cake where no one would see. What? It was my birthday and I could allow that. :)

So, we ate dinner and had cake and ice cream again, then I went to load all my CDs onto my computer so I could load them onto my new iPod.

I have been wanting to see Wanted and decided that maybe we could go to the movies. I looked up the show times at a local theater and got Jeff's attention and asked if he wanted to go. He barely glanced at my computer screen and said, "I don't really want to go to the movies..."

So I said it was OK but did he care if I went and took the girls? He didn't. I talked to them and they went to get ready while I loaded even more CDs onto my computer. I was almost done when it was time to go. I got my purse and said bye to Jeff. That's when he asked what movie we were seeing.


"What? I want to see that movie!"

"Hello? I showed it to you on the computer and asked if you wanted to go... "

"I didn't look at it! I just figured it was a (air quotes) chick flick!"

"Well, maybe you should pay attention in the future. It's too late to find someone to watch Conor, do you want us to wait and go tomorrow afternoon or something?"

"No, go ahead and go..."

So, we went. It was pretty good, we all liked it. And we all agreed to go again to see it with Jeff when he could go. :)

Now I'm going to bed. And yes, in case you are wondering, there were pictures taken of me blowing out the candles on my cake. And, no. They will not be posted on any blog. It's my blog, it's my prerogative. Ha! :P

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Misty said...

Hope that you had a great birthday!!

Also, I am going to have to stop reading your blog so close to lunch:)