Saturday, July 19, 2008


Isn't it funny how music can bring back memories so easily? I have 6 presets on my radio in my car - 3 are set to classic rock stations, 2 to country music stations, and one to a pop station. There are so many different kinds of music that I like, it really all depends on what mood I'm in. If there isn't anything playing on those 6 stations, I scan through the other stations until I find something I'm in the mood to listen to. The other day I heard Pure Prairie League - Amy and while I remember that song from when I was really young, the memory it brought back was a little more recent.

Back in the days when we had a lot of fun where I work, we all gathered in my boss's office one day close to Christmas and he had his guitar. We called random people at our corporate offices and sang that song. But, instead of "Amy" we substituted the name of the person we were calling. We laughed a lot, and the people we called also did as well.

The next song that came on that radio station was Kool and the Gang - Celebration - and I don't ever think I could hear that song without remembering the skating ring when I was young. I remember we used to go to the skating rink on Sunday after having lunch at my grandma's house. All the young kids would go - and when I hear this song, I can see us all skating to it like it was yesterday. Andy and Pete were the best skaters - I was always in awe of their skating abilities.

While I haven't gone out and downloaded these songs to my iPod, I do like listening to them occasionally. I love the memories that they conjure up. :)

Are there any songs that you can think of that bring back good, fun memories? I've only listed two because they were recent, but there are so many that remind me of so much.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, whenevery I hear...give me the beat boys...I think of my mom. Mom, Michelle, Cole, Shelby and I took a road trip to Florida a couple years before she died and every time that song came on we turned it up and sang at the top of our lungs. It's a good memory of her. Danielle