Friday, July 11, 2008

Light headed

OK, so I have (or had) long, thick hair that I can't do anything with. I went to get it highlighted and cut, and I asked her to cut it a lot, but ... she didn't. I don't know what it is about the people I have gone to - they are afraid to cut my hair or something. Well, I finally found someone. Although my getting in to see her was a fluke - I happened to call at the right time I guess. She is usually booked 3 months in advance, and I'm very spontaneous about my hair. When I decide to do something to it, I usually decide I want it done right then.

So, on Tuesday I decided to find someone new to cut my hair. I was accepting of the fact that I would have to make an appointment and I might not get it done that day. I called my sister to find out who does hers and she gave me the name and number. I called and asked to get an appointment with her. But she was on vacation and they asked me if I would like someone else. Sure, why not? When did I want the appointment? Any evening this week would do, or whenever they had an opening 5:30 or later.

They had two people available that night at 5:30 and asked if I had a preference. No, whoever - I don't know either one, so just put me with one. Well, I lucked out. I got one of the prior owners who had been there 23 years. She had recently got out of the business part and was just doing the stylist part. And I swear - in all the years that I have been getting my hair cut - not one person prior to her took the time and care that she did. She went and got magazines for us both to look at to see what I was looking for, and to show me what she thought would work for me. Then she CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF.

OK, not really all. But a lot. Really. I feel like I don't have any hair left. She walked me out, gave me a little bag of goodies to use, gave me her phone number so I could call her to let her know if I liked it or not (I was a bit in shock, k? I just lost all my hair and it was no longer weighing down my head and I was feeling light headed).

I called Jeff to prepare him for the shock.

"Uh, just so you know... my hair is kinda short."

"Are you kidding?"

"No. She wasn't afraid to cut my hair."

"I'm moving out if you look like a tard." Such a nice guy, eh? lol but I knew as soon as he said it I was gonna put it on my blog. I also knew he didn't mean it.

"Well, start packing then, I'll be home soon."

I walked in and he looked at it and said, "I like it, it looks good."

"I'm not sure what I think about it yet."

The next morning, I washed my hair in the shower and I will be definitely saving money on shampoo now. It didn't take that much at all.

I went to work. No one noticed. But... since I work with a bunch of males and the only other female is on vacation this week, I didn't expect them to notice. They aren't really observant like that.

My friends noticed (female) right away when I met them for volleyball Thursday night. And my cousin, who happened to be there. They were all "OMG, you cut your hair off! It looks good!"

I happen to believe if it looks bad, they aren't going to tell me anyway.

So, by Friday, I had gotten used to it and I like the freedom of it. I don't have to do anything to it and it looks OK. I didn't do much to my long hair either, but it always looked bad. Frizzy mess. Natural curls. They don't always work out.

My boss walked up to my desk.

"You got your hair cut."

I didn't say anything...

"Didn't you? It looks shorter."

Cracked me up.

"Uhhh, yeah - I got it cut on Tuesday. You are so very observant, you should be a detective."

"Yeah, that's what my wife complains about too.. "


On Saturday, Jeff looked at me and said, "I really like your hair like that." There are a few other people who have said that as well. My mom was one of them.

No, I don't have any pictures. I'm not used to it yet. I don't know if I like it yet. It's easier, for sure. It now takes me like... 5 seconds to "brush" my hair (I use a pik. Or is it a pic? Or pick? I don't know... but that is why I put quotes around brush). It took a good 5 minutes before... to get the tangles out.

So, for those of you who read this who know me? Let's just see if you notice the next time you see me. ;) For some, it may have all grown out by the time you see me again... unless I get used to it and keep it like this.


Anonymous said...

We're not just being nice. It looks good. I didn't notice any highlights though. Did she cut them all out? Danielle

Debra said...

You must be used to it by now, let's see some pics! :)

You know, I have the same problem, no one will cut my hair either. I wonder if it's because they all think I would look bad with shorter hair.

I need to go get mine cut, it's been too long. Plus the stupid Rogue white stripe in the middle/top of my head is rearing it's ugly head again...