Monday, July 14, 2008

Boys Night Out

The boys packed up and went camping Sunday night (July 13th). I was unable to go because I had to work the next day. They didn't have any sites available on the weekend so we will all have to go another time. Jeff forgot a few things at the house - his shaving kit with his deodorant (can't be smelling bad out in the woods now, you never know what that would attract to you!), tooth brushes and paste, and other things. So, I got my camera and took it over to them and spent a little time there before going home to my empty house.

I liked this picture, so I converted it to black and white. I like em both!

Conor got to take his brand new fishing pole and try it out.

Here's the front of the mini-cabin they got to stay in.

And the view from the side. It has a nice little deck attached that is probably as big as the inside.

There is a double bed,

a bunk bed,

and a loft inside the cabin.

The loft is just a small place for sleeping, though. Can't even stand up when you are up there.

Jeff and Conor laid down in the loft for a picture.

Then we fished off of the deck.

They also took Teddy with them. Mr. I'm-afraid-of-water-and-avoid-it-at-any-cost was dragging sticks out of the water. Very hesitantly at first, but he eventually swam out for some.
Dogs have to be kept on a leash at all times, so Jeff tied a rope to it as well so he would have some running room.
Here's a black and white of Conor throwing sticks into the river.

The small slope down to the river was steep and after getting wet... a bit muddy. It took Conor a few attempts to get back up.

Then he tried to give me a hug goodbye! I avoided the mud for the most part... but he did get it in my hair when he put his hands on the back of my head.
They had a lot of fun. They were supposed to canoe down the river on Monday morning, but because of all the rain we have had recently, they closed the river to canoes. We will be all going canoeing soon though.
You can see all of the pictures from the camp site, and some other pictures and videos that I have on my blog all here. There is a guest password. It is my last name, all lower case. Some of them have not been posted here. ;)

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