Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I have always enjoyed cooking, but I haven't been really cooking as much. My grill hasn't even been used at all this year. Or last year either, come to think of it. There are a lot of things that have contributed to my not wanting to spend hours cooking in the kitchen. I went for the simple meals. Something I could pop in the oven, pull it out and it was ready.

Another reason is that Jeff has been home - so he has done the grocery shopping and the majority of the cooking. Also, I have picky kids. There are not many meals that everyone in my house likes, there is always someone wanting something different than what I fixed.

So, last night was a pleasant surprise when everyone loved everything I made. I made Lemon Pepper (marinade) grilled chicken breasts (on my George Foreman grill), crash hot potatoes (wonderful, btw), corn, and beer bread (yeah, I used a mix!). Allie doesn't usually like potatoes, but I asked her to try them before she rejected them. She ended up loving them. Conor likes potatoes - mashed - so I had to talk him into trying them as well. He loved them too.

Allie tried the chicken and said, "Mom, this chicken is AMAZING!"

So, everyone in my house (Ceara was at her mom's and didn't get to try it, bit I know she would have loved it as well!!) liked dinner last night. It was a pretty darn good feeling not to have to hear "ewwww, I don't want that!" Everyone was a member of the clean plate club last night. heehee

I wonder how long it will take for another wrinkled up nose or "gross!" "ewwww!" and whatever other exclamations were uttered while I was cooking. With 3 kids, probably not long - but for now I'm still on cloud nine because they didn't just eat their food, they all THANKED me and loved it.

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