Friday, August 01, 2008

Random Stuff

Last night, after volley ball, Allie walked out to the car ahead of me. I was delayed saying bye to my friends and giving them all hugs, so she got there first. I had my keys in my left hand and was pushing the button so she could go ahead and get in the car. But... I was pushing the lock button. So, every time I pushed it, she could hear the click and she would attempt to open the door. After a few attempts, she was frustrated.

"MOM! You're pushing the lock button. UN-lock the car!"

I laughed - at myself for pushing the wrong button, and at Allie for attempting to get in each time.

On the way home Allie called my sister, Molly, because she had called both our cell phones while we were at the volley ball court. She got off the phone with her and told me that Molly had some apples that her neighbor had given her, but she didn't know how to make an apple pie so she wanted to give them to me to make one. (She obviously does not read my blog, or she would know how!)

Allie repeated some of the conversation to me:

"Molly said, 'I have some apples - you know, the kind you make pies with.' And I wanted to say, 'What other kind of apples are there?'"

So we stopped by Molly's house to pick up the apples. When we got out of the car she asked if we wanted some peppers and cucumbers. I thought maybe her neighbors had given her some of those as well, but she started walking out to her back ...uh, yard? Field? Not really a field, but yard does not describe the land she has behind her house. Anyway, she has a small garden!

I was a bit shocked. Allie looked at me and said, "I didn't know Molly had a garden."

"Yeah, me either. She just doesn't seem the type to plant a garden." Hey, people surprise me all the time. Especially my sister.

So, we got a couple of cucumbers and a green pepper. She also has banana peppers and tomatoes, but they aren't ready yet. She told me that I needed to let her know when I made the pie - since she didn't get any of my last one.

I went home and had the house to myself for a bit and I watched some of my Alias DVDs (I've been re-watching all the seasons lately.)

Conor and Jeff came in a bit later and Jeff went straight to bed and said he didn't feel well. It was later in the evening, so Conor and I went to bed not much later.

This morning I told Jeff about the apples and that Molly had given me a couple of cucumbers and a green pepper from her garden.

"Molly has a garden? Really?"

"I know, right? I was a bit shocked too. But yeah, she does."

See? You know someone for 30some years and they can still surprise you.

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