Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Conor has started Kindergarten! On the first day of school he wore our school colors, red and black. We all got ready and drove down to the bus stop (so we could follow along to the school) and waited. The bus is ALWAYS late on the first day of school, but no one would really believe me. So we got there about 20 minutes before it was supposed to come.

I spent that time taking pictures. And videos. They can be found at my dropshots site.

Me. And my shadow. You know you are singing it in your head right now.

Strike a pose.
Then he got tired of posing for me.

And he went to sit in the truck to wait.

The bus finally came and he was off. No, I did NOT cry. I did feel a bit sad though. Worrying about him without his mommy there.

His classroom is VERY colorful. He sits at a little round table with two girls, and it did have one boy name as well, we just didn't see him.

The classroom was chaos. Parents taking pictures and video. Kids yelling that there was a new bus arriving, so MORE KIDS!!
Conor was quiet and he was excited. There was one kid crying for his mommy the whole time we were there. I didn't really want to leave him. But, we did.
After school, he goes to a day care on a different bus. It's the one Allie went to when she was in Kindergarten, too, and she loved it. They do all kinds of fun things there.
We went to pick him up around 4 pmish and boy was he tired.
It was a long day for him.
All the Kindergarten kids in this city go to the same school, and they are the only kids there. In this school, they have pictures of the graduating classes from around 1930 through 1965. I studied the pictures until I found my grandma and grandpa.
My grandpa (my dad's dad) graduated in 1933 and was the president of his class:
My grandma (my mom's mom) graduated in 1939:

It was fun to look at the different classes, the hair styles, and their clothes (some were full length shots). And it somehow made me feel better that their pictures were hanging in the halls of the school my baby was going to.
Oh, and by the way? The movies? I made two of the same thing because Jeff said I couldn't put one on here. Because I called him a name (tard). Yes, I know it's a bad habit! I picked it up from the girls! I never claimed to be a perfect parent! And then he told me I couldn't put the second one on either because I had him say his name. So, I'm putting both on there for you to see. Hey, the site is password protected, so it's not like everyone can just see it! :)


mom said...

This is really cool. Thanks for posting. I love it, I love you!!

Barb said...

Oh wow, what a history! Make sure Conor sees the pics too, or did he? Poor kid, he looks so tired, but I'll bet he had a blast all day long. Thanks for the blog, I looked forward to this one!! Our baby isn't a baby any more! Oh, wait.....we still have Jeff!! hahaha!!

Work Bud said...

Wow, the little guy has got some WHITE teeth! I had to laugh at the first video with his big grin, definitely looked happy.