Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soccer Practice

I must say, I admire all the people who decide to coach young children in any sport. It takes a lot of patience for the coaches to deal with all these 4 and 5 year olds who are on the field and not listening half the time.

When they say "line up on this line" or "everyone get a place on the circle" and the kids all stand right on top of each other and won't move, it doesn't phase the coaches. They run on top of each other and run into each other all the time. They tell them to kick the ball around the field line, and they go no where near the lines.

It's so much easier to sit on the sidelines and crack up laughing at the little people trying to just play. Conor's soccer practices and recent scrimmage is the source of much amusement for us.

They had the kids get partners, and then one of the team was to cover their eyes and spread their legs, while their partner kicked the ball between their legs. There is just so many funny things about that. First of all, they are mostly girls. And I remember my PE teacher in JR High telling us NEVER to spread our legs... "keep your knees together and you'll be fine." Of course, she wasn't really talking about a sport... not that kind anyway.

And kicking balls between a boys legs? heehee, I know, I'm bad. Forgive me!

Wait. Whose turn is it to cover their eyes?!?!

It is so hard to keep a straight face while watching them, I don't know how the coaches do it.

But Conor loves it. He looks forward to practice every week.

He also, of course, thinks he's in love with one of his team mates. Of course it is the smallest girl who is the least likely to follow any of the coaches instructions. She just stands there.
Of course with all the young kids, a lot of them do this, not just the one little girl. She just does it almost every time, whereas the others are occational.

He always has been a little "ladies man" with all the girls he has been around. I'm not surprised that he likes one (or more, depending on the week) of the girls on his soccer team.

As always, you can find more pictures and a few videos on my dropbox site. Password - my last name, all lower case.


Anonymous said...

As the excellent Mom that you are, If there is going to be many more "kicking balls between legs" drills, I hope you have provided your soccer star with the appropriate protection that males require.....yes? If he's going to continue to be a Ladies Man, proper protection is a must!

Barb said...

Awww! He looks soo cute!

Misty said...

He is getting so big!! Jerean started Kindergaren as well and it just doesn't seem possible. She wants to cheer so maybe she can be his cheerleader.
I'm still laughing at the drills that they do...that could lead to some serious injuries :)