Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy weekend

This has been a very busy weekend, lots of stuff going on. Friday was Jeff's 40th birthday, so the kids and I took him out to eat. Saturday was Gage's (my nephew) birthday party, for which I made the cake on Saturday morning. My sister rented a big air-inflated castle for them to play in and the kids had a lot of fun. I have pictures and videos that I will post, but they are at home and not on my computer yet, so I will get to that later.

I already posted about my frustrating Saturday night, and on Sunday we had a small family party for Jeff's birthday. Barb brought over a wonderful DVD she had made from all of their old family videos of her kids when they were growing up. So, I am thinking that I will just go to the same place she did and get the videos made into DVDs. I am still going to try my work bud's suggestion, but would like to just have someone else do them at this point.

I have already told the girls that they need to learn how to do all that stuff because I do not want to know anything else! My brain is just too full of information and I don't want to know anymore right now!! :) And they both seem to love to do stuff like that, so... they can just show me how once they figure it out! I don't want to read directions, I don't want to troubleshoot anything, I just want it to be done.

But, for the videos of Charlie, I will just have a professional do them. I am too afraid that the tapes will break if we try to play them too much. Some of them are from 1991. I also have plenty of home videos that I would like to do that with, too - they are a bit newer and I have the 8mm back up, so they aren't as much of a concern.

Anyway, I will post the jumping videos and the cake pictures tonight maybe, when I get home. The cake was of Squidward - which I had to free-hand because the cake supply store did not have any type of Squidward items! Tons of SpongeBob and Patrick, but no Squidward. He is one of my favorite characters - I love his sarcasm and I crack up laughing at him!

So, it was a pretty good weekend, much fun was had. Hope all is well with everyone!

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