Monday, March 05, 2007


We went to my cousin Stacie's wedding on Feb. 17th and below are some pictures from the wedding and reception. Jeff was unable to go because he did not make it home in time and Ceara had gone to her mom's for the weekend. Allie made herself pretty scarce during the reception, so I ended up not getting any pictures of her. I did get a video of her dancing, but it was so dark you can't make anything out! Anyway, here they are:

Stacie and David's first dance as husband and wife (I was trying out the black and white feature of my camera for some of the pictures):
The Father/Daughter dance:

Gage and Conor hanging out:
Waiting for the food and dancing to begin:
Conor shed his blue dress shirt for just the T-shirt underneath after he began dancing... he was dancing all night long. That attributed to his rosy cheeks, as did the strawberries he kept eating. Here he was trying to wink for me:
Just plain silly:
Winking in black and white:
And one in color:
He was very tired at the end of the night, and fun was had by all. :) It was a beautiful wedding and reception.


Misty said...

Too cute! He is a better winker than me.

Take care!

Barb said...

Ohhh, these pics of Conor just BEG for digi-scrapping!!! hee!!

Alikat Corner said...

I knew it! lol

Have at it... :)