Saturday, January 10, 2009

Competition amongst the kids

We got a Wii for Christmas and the kids love it. Ceara has set out to get every 1st place standing she can - she is obsessed! And then everyone else wants to beat her score. Which we do when she goes to her mom's, and then she has to try harder when she comes back!

Once she got all the 1st places, Jeff said she was grounded from the Wii. He's just mad that he can't beat her at boxing. No one can yet. The above video is of Conor trying. I wish the video wasn't so dark - his movements were cracking me up!

And yes, I know it is bad that he got mad at the end of the video and tried to kick her. I talked to him about that after I turned the video off. I promise!

Oh, and to update my prior post about asking Allie what she remembers about Christmas - she does not remember NOT getting something that she wanted, nor does she remember wanting something all that bad. And I think the Wii distracted Conor from the dinosaur. He still noticed he didn't get it - but he was good natured about it and said, "Maybe Santa will bring it next year." :)


u2bwb said...

haha, pretty funny. Word of advice (personal experience), wrist strap should be worn by all players at all times.
Brand new 48" LCD TV + Flying Wii remote = near catastrophe

barb said...

this is let's see one of you and Jeff!!??
Pweetty Pweeeeze??