Friday, January 16, 2009


I knew we were going to pay for that summer-like weather in fall. This week has been very cold. Like below zero cold. So, this morning, when Jeff got up to get ready for his job (!! *yay*) and found that we had no water, it was certainly a DOH! moment.

Like we didn't learn our lesson 2 years ago when it happened. We were going to get heating tape for the pipe, or some sort of insulation for the part that is in the closet in our garage - the only part that is exposed - but, I guess we got side tracked. So, this morning? Frozen water pipes. Because it is Friday and Fridays just can't. be. easy.

So, he woke me up by saying, "Our pipes are frozen." That was way more effective at getting me out of bed than if my alarm had gone off. I got out of bed and immediately grabbed my space heater and headed to the garage with an extension cord. But not before tripping over 1,000 things on my way. Hey, I said I was out of bed, not awake. Jeff followed behind me, as I went into our UNINSULATED garage with no more than a T-shirt (sleeveless at that) and my underwear. Now THAT woke me up. I don't know the exact temperature, but outside it "felt like" (according to some random weatherman or person, or w/e) -25 F. While in the garage I proceeded to trip over a few more things before finally making it to the closet and putting the heater in there. I could have been muttering some words under my breath as well. As I was coming back in the house, I don't know if Jeff was laughing at me or not, but he said, "You are getting on my nerves already today - I could have done that, you can't even walk straight."

"Well, then quit following me around and don't talk to me!" No, I'm not Miss Sunshine in the mornings.

So, I was disoriented, didn't know what to do. I brushed my teeth with water from the tea kettle (haha we don't even drink tea! at least... I don't.), and set about finding clothes to wear. Then we discussed what we were going to do with the kids - they were all off school today and the girls are watching Conor since we don't have any sitters lined up. So, we couldn't just leave them at the house with no water.

Jeff said, "You want me to call my mom?"

"Well, no, she won't be awake at this time. She works late, and she's not a morning person." (You can thank me later, Barb.)

"I'll call my dad, then."

"Who is going to drive them to Mason? I'll call my mom, she's a morning person (used to be anyway)."

So, I called my mom... who was in bed. Sorry, Mom! Jeff was going to drop them off on his way to work. I went out to start my car and when I came back in, the water was running. About an hour after the space heater was turned on it. So, I called my mom and told her they wouldn't be coming after all.

This is the very first time the girls have kept Conor. I've only called once so far. Conor answered the phone and sounded a bit irritated that I was interrupting him playing a game with Ceara. So, I guess they are fine. ;)

It has been a very strange day today. Customers today so far... have been interesting. I'll write more about that later. Maybe. ;)



Misty said...

I hate that feeling of RUSH in the morning especially when things go wrong and you just woke up!!! Makes me really tired...I was laughing at the "getting on my nerves" part, that was pretty funny!

u2bwb said...

I guess you and I were in the same boat Friday morning, so I definitely feel your pain. We had frozen pipes in our master bathroom and NO heat in the house, furnace decided to act up (and still is, even though service guy can't find any problems). It's been real fun! Luckily, space heater aimed at the ceiling in the basement worked for us too (after about an hour).
Now if we only had a reliable furnace........

Barb said...

Thank you, Katie!!
(but I woulda)