Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning Madness

This morning started out fairly well, as in I got up earlier than I needed to, but it turned out that I needed that extra time. And a little bit more than that. I had to take Conor to his daycare this morning because Jeff had to be at work at 7am.

So, I thought I was doing well because I had all our cloths set out and ready, had Conor's lunch packed and ready, and all was looking good. Then Allie called from her bus to tell me that she was rushing to get to the bus stop on time and she fell in a neighbor's back yard and she thinks she lost her iPod. She wanted me to go look for it, so I told her if I had time I would. She said it was across the street, behind the first house to the left.

So, I went out to start my car while Conor finished getting dressed and I walked across the street and tried to see her footprints in the snow to find where she had fallen. It was dark, and I was freezing - tears running down my face from the cold - so I looked for a few minutes and then gave up. I couldn't imagine what the neighbors would have thought had they woken up and looked out the window to find me walking around in their yard. I also thought with the shoes I had on, I was likely to fall in the snow as well and I just didn't want that to happen.

While I was walking home it occurred to me that the "first house on the left" could have been the one at the end of the street. So I figured I would stop there as I left.

I went back inside and finished getting Conor ready and got our things together and walked out the door. I stopped at the last house and got out, with Conor (because he said he has GREAT eyesight and could find it even though it was dark) to look for the place she fell. I finally saw it almost at the top of his yard, where the small hill began. We went up to look and didn't see anything at first - but then I saw it finally. Hard to see a small silver square in the white snow when it was dark outside. Again I felt weird being in someone else's yard.

I brushed the snow off as we walked back to the car and started on the way to the daycare. It's only about 10 minutes away, but it is 10 minutes in the opposite direction of my work, so about 30 min extra is what I needed and I was already running a bit close.

Half way there I realized I forgot the security card that I needed to get in. They frowned upon always knocking on the door to get let in when they gave us all cards. But I figured I would just explain. Then I noticed that I forgot to bring his lunch box. Gah. I had to turn around and go back to the house.

So, it was a busy, rushed morning, but I was only 5 minutes late to work so it wasn't too bad.

And today is THE day - the making of history. The day our new President gets sworn into office. This is a day that most people will remember where they were when this happened. I wish I could say I was somewhere other than at work. Trying to watch the inauguration on the live video stream from MSN on my work computer is proving difficult. It keeps freezing up. Less than an hour away now. :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Misty said...

I was trying to watch on abcnews and it kept freezing on me as well...aggravating!!
Glad you found her ipod, I am sure that she would have been devastated!

Barb said...

Amazing what we'll do for our kids, isn't it? {:-D