Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Poor Boy

Poor Conor. Just 2 days into his Christmas break from school and he gets the stomach flu. Has, uhh... problems coming out of both ends. His bottom end being the worst of it. Eeeek. Sorry, but I'm trying to be honest without the graphics...

While other people around me got it (Allie, Ceara, my nephews), theirs only lasted 24 hours. But Conor held onto the bug for about... 4 or so days.

He finally got better from that, and on Monday, December 29th, he started not feeling so well in the evening. Had a bit of a temperature and his throat was sore. I gave him some medicine and he went to bed. During the night, he woke up several times crying. In the morning his temperature was high again and he was miserable. I went to work and called to get him a Dr. appointment. Strep throat.

So, he got that pink stuff - the Amoxicillin liquid they give to kids. The pharmacy we went to only had enough for a 5 day supply, and we would have to come back to get the other 5 days. He started feeling better within 24 hours, but we kept giving it to him, as we were told to do. So, as of yesterday, he had been taking it for 8 days.

So, last night he took his shirt off and his back was covered in raised bumps - that itched. It was also spreading down his arms a bit. Chicken pox? That was the only thing I could think of at the time, but they didn't look the way I remembered them to look. But, hey... it has been over 10 years since Allie had them, so I couldn't be sure.

So, this morning, his legs were covered and there were red splotches from where he had scratched during the night. I called and got him another appointment to see the doctor, and Jeff just called to let me know that it is NOT chicken pox as we thought. It is an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin he was given.

Why it didn't show up until after 8 days of use, I have no idea. I just feel bad for Conor because this is the third week in a row he has had problems. Poor little guy. Maybe now the rest of the year will be free of any sickness! That's what I'm hoping for at least. That he got it all over with for a while! :)

In other news... I have some pictures and videos that I will try to post soon. I love the holiday season, but I feel a lot better now that things have gone back normal. At least a little bit normal. :)


Misty said...

Wow!!! Your end of the year sounds alot like ours...Alex broke her collarbone in November, both girls got the bug the week before we left for OH, on our way back Alex came down with strep as well and then developed the itchy rash, but we have found out that it was from some new lotion she used!! Things have been crazy.
I am going to start a new blog here!! As soon as I get it up and running, I'll give you the address.

u2bwb said...

Poor guy, glad C's feeling better. My girl was sick last Christmas, wasn't any fun at all. This year was a lot nicer for us.

Debra said...

Oh my, that sounds terrible. It seems like this holiday season was a time for getting sick. Colin, who has had a fever like once in his short life so far, had a fever for 5 days straight. Ugh. Hope Conor has it out of his system for the rest of the year!

barb said...

Well, gee whizz!! Poor little guy, that's just more sorry stuff than any one little person should have to deal with!! Hope he's all better now and doing great! What a way to spend Christmas break!

**side note**
OK!! I deeply resent having to type in "flabilie" as the chaptcha here!! I know I overdid the Christmas goodies, but Katie made candy, see.....!

Katie said...

LOL! I'm *sure* it wasn't personal!!