Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!!

We all got a snow day today - Conor got one Monday since there was a 2 hour delay and he's in morning kindergarten. Allie and Conor were both off yesterday, and Jeff, Allie, Conor and I are ALL off today. We are currently under a Level 3 snow advisory and cannot go anywhere. Not that we want to, we are all snug and warm in the house. It's not just snow though. We got... ummmm I think 3 or 4 inches of snow yesterday. When I came home from work yesterday, it was an ice storm. The ice continued to fall until I went to sleep, and was still falling this morning when I got up. Now it has changed back to snow and they are predicting another 4 inches or so.

Here is the view out my front door. There is a street there, but you can barely see where people have traveled on it.

Here is the bush right outside my door - you can see the ice on some of the branches:

Here is the view from my back door:

And a picture of my shed:

It doesn't really look so bad in the pictures, but it's the ice that is causing the most problems I think.
We are all just laying around in our PJ's today. I made a big breakfast - sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy, hash browns - and we are all enjoying our day off.
And I have a book to read. :) The one I have been waiting for finally came out yesterday! John Grisham's new one - The Associate. I also have some cleaning out of toys I could do... but that just doesn't sound appealing right now. ;)
Hope you are all safe and warm!!


u2bwb said...

Lucky duck, I had to work today. Up north, there was no ice, just lots and lots of snow. I don't mind driving in snow, it's ice I detest.
Great minds must think alike, I bought the new Grisham book yesterday too!

barb said...

Ahhh I love snow days!! I am also "snowed" in! Well, I was yesterday, I had to go to work on Tuesday morning and then going in this afternoon for the evening shift. But I got to stay home for the worst part of the storm. My favorite thing is to be "stuck" in the house with all my toys!

I've never read John Grisham's books, but I saw a couple of the movies, really good! I did see him on a Charlie Rose interview last night on tv. He's a really nice man and quite funny too! Enjoy your book Katie!! Oh wait... you are probably done with it by now, right?? too bad.