Thursday, April 26, 2007

Latest happenings

I have received several phone calls as a result of my ad in the local papers, but none of them resulted in the discovery of Zeus. Each one has been a let down. Still no Zeus.

I received a call from a lady Monday night who warned me to be careful when going to people's houses - she spent about 35-40 min on the phone with me telling me I should be careful and what could happen. It was sweet... but had she known that I received a call earlier that day from some woman claiming she saw my dog in an area of Dayton that was not exactly a good one... and I jumped into my car and went... the lecture may have been longer.

In my defense, I choose not to assume that people are bad because they live in a poor area of town. And I want my dog back. Of course it wasn't him, but I did try.

Teddy got the splint removed from his leg on Wednesday and is still limping around. He occasionally walks on it, but not much.

I did a "clean sweep" of our bedroom last weekend - problem is, I took everything out and put it in the living room wanting to sort through it all and choose to "keep, sell, or trash" as they do on the show - but I don't want any of it to go back in my room! I moved the furniture around and shampoo'd the carpet and I like it empty! So, a lot of boxes are still sitting in the living room waiting for me to do something with them. I guess that is this weekend's project for me.

Goings-on with the kids:

Ceara started gymnastics on Wednesday, she goes after school with a friend of hers. On Thursday, she was a bit sore, but she'll work it out and it will get better.

Allie is still doing track almost every day after school.

Allie is getting ready to leave for DC in a couple of weeks with her class. Guess I need to work in some shopping time for what she might need.

Ceara will be going to 6th grade camp the week after Allie's DC trip. Jeff is taking the kids shopping this weekend for camping gear - he is planning a lot of camping this summer - so Ceara can get some of the things she needs this weekend, too.

One month until the North Carolina trip! Which reminds me, I need to reserve a vehicle for it... :)

And! I finally got my mom hooked up with a computer. I went and set it up for her last night. Now, I just have to get her connected to the Internet and she might start commenting again! yay!

OK, that is all for now.

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