Friday, April 20, 2007

Still no Zeus

Thursday on my way home for lunch, I saw a black dog walking on the road. I first saw him from a distance and thought he was Zeus. But when I came up on him, I realized it was not Zeus. I pulled my car a little off the road and got out. I held out my hand so he could smell me and noticed that he had a collar and tags, so he was not a stray. He let me pet him and was a very playful dog, getting down in a pouncing position and jumping around. I tried to talk him into getting into my car so that I could take him to the vet and find his owner (because that is what I want someone to do for Zeus), but he would have none of that. I felt a little strange trying to coax him into my car... like he probably belonged to someone nearby and they would look out their window any minute and think I was trying to steal their dog. So, I told him to go home and get off the road...

I got back into my car and started driving off and he was following me, so I pulled into a drive way to try again. Again, he came over and let me pet him and was running around me, jumping and playing, but would not get into my car. I was concerned that he would get hit and did not want to leave him there, but I had been playing with him for about 30 minutes and had to leave. I told him again to go home, and I got in my car and drove off. He did not follow me this time, but went towards a house, so maybe that is where he lived.

I called the Animal Shelter in the county where I live and they told me that they could not be sure if they had Zeus or not and it would be best if I went there and looked at the dogs myself. Ceara and I went to look (Allie had track, and Grand-dad picked Conor up), we were very hopeful that he would be there. We searched through all their dogs (there were many of them, poor things) but none of them were Zeus. I filled out a lost dog paper and was told to check back every 3 days.

On Friday, I called and ran ads in two local papers.

Every time I drive up to my house I look for him, I search the front porch to see if he is sitting there waiting on us. Every time I am driving on the roads near my house, I search the surrounding areas for anything black.

I really miss him... and want him to come home. It's not the same without him there. Everyone misses him.


Barb said...

You are such a kind person, and this is just so sad. I'm so sorry!

Matt said...

Deb and I are thinking about you guys! All the best!e