Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Zeus-ie Moosie

Yep, that what we call Zeus. Zeus-ie Moosie... just an affectionate name for our youngest dog. Or lil'pup. Well, Zeus is missing. Teddy, our ever adventurous older dog, and Zeus both somehow crawled under our fence on Sunday night while Conor and I were at the grocery. Zeus always followed Teddy wherever he went, but Zeus was usually the first one home, too. He is a little over-weight and couldn't keep up with Teddy most of the time, and he would just give up and come home. He would also come running when you called his name - he loved to be pet and if you had food, that was just all the better. But, Teddy was the one who came home this time. Within 30 minutes of leaving - not his usual. And he came home hurt. He could not walk on his back leg, and it was bleeding.

When I got home from the grocery I was told that the dogs got out and Teddy came back. Jeff thought that the scratch on Teddy's leg was from crawling under the fence. I sent the kids out to walk the neighborhood to look for Zeus and I cleaned up the blood on Teddy's leg and put some antibiotic ointment on it. I then got in the truck and drove the neighborhood to pick up the kids and check on the roads behind our house. Nothing.

Teddy was acting very strangely, very scared. On Monday morning when I let him outside, he wouldn't move from the little patio slab. When I let him back in, he just stood there. I went on getting myself ready for work and 10 minutes later when I walked to Conor's room to get his clothes, Teddy was still standing there. He had not moved. So I called to him and tried to get him to come to me. I walked over to him and pet him and asked him what was wrong. He still stayed there. I went and got Conor dressed and he was still there when I returned to the kitchen. I coaxed him over to the couch and he laid down there.

At work, I received a call from Allie from school that she was sick and needed me to go and get her. So, I used my lunch break to do that and when we got home, Teddy was still on the couch. I went and checked his leg and the blood was gone and I could see his skin (his fur is scraped off) and there were small little holes in it. I didn't feel that it was caused by the fence. I called the vet hoping I could take him and drop him off there until they were able to look at him because I didn't have any lunch time left to wait. But she said they didn't allow that, so I made an appointment time and set about finding someone to take him.

My step-mom was able to do it and Allie would go with them. Allie called me at a little after the appointment time to let me know that the vet was keeping Teddy there for observation. They believe he had been hit by a car and that his Achilles tendon was torn.

More worries about Zeus. If he was behind Teddy... then he may have been hit full on by the car. He is not as fast as Teddy. And Teddy was hit in the rear leg. Allie searched the fields behind our house, and I made up fliers.

Tuesday, I took 1/2 day vacation to pick Teddy up and file our city taxes (yeah, last minute..). I took some fliers to the gas stations in our area and also posted one on the bulletin board at the vets. I called the shelter where we adopted Zeus to report him lost and see if they had heard anything. He has a micro-chip in him and if he was taken to a vet or a shelter, they could scan him and they would then call the shelter where we got him from. No news. Teddy's leg is wrapped up totally, it kinda looks like a cast, but it is just a splint and wrap. He cannot walk on it, and couldn't even jump into my car. He's sad. He's hurt. And I know he misses Zeus. If only he could tell us where Zeus is, or what happened to him.

It is Thursday and Zeus is still not home. The longest period of time Zeus stayed gone from our house prior to this was about 3 hours. So, it is very unusual. I'm still hoping for the best - that he got lost and some kind dog lover took him into their home and will soon find the time to take him to a vet, or see my flier and he will get returned to us. But the longer it is taking, the more worried I am getting... :(

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Barb said...

I left a comment here yesterday, where did it go??

Anyway, I'm really sorry about Zeus and Teddy, they are such nice dogs and it's heartbreaking to have anything bad happen to them.

Keep me informed, I love you!