Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Random-ness...

What? I liked doing the random post! Was easy! :)

* Busted! Turns out that Jeff does occasionally read my blog. So.. uh, he found out about the 3000 straws. Guess I will have to be a bit more careful about telling on myself here!

* Mother Nature is killing me! Nice, shorts weather for a week or so.. then blam! Light snow and winter coats! This morning it was flurrying on my way to work and Conor said, "It's snowing! We need to put up our Christmas tree!" lol (I told him no.. but he did argue with me for a little bit...)

* Busted, part II. Turns out more people read my blog than I thought, but they just don't comment. I have given the address to my sister in the past, even saved it to her favorites on her computer once. But she still didn't visit it. Until recently. Until we were at Grandma's house for Grandma's birthday party and she was talking to one of my aunts. One who does read my blog (and doesn't comment!) and telling this aunt how she jumped in the castle thing she rented for her son's birthday party. My aunt said, "Yeah, I know.. I saw it on Kate's blog." (Yeah, my family calls me Kate, though most of you who read this call me Katie...)

So, my sister came up to me and says, "You put a video of me jumping on the INTERNET?!?!?!"

"Who told you that?" (I had to find out the source before I could try to deny it!) Then when I found out who told her, "Yeah, I put it out there." (laughing)

"Do I look stupid? Did I say anything I shouldn't have??"

"Well, yeah, but that is not the part that is on my blog. That was the part when I was taping with my video camera. The one on my blog I took with my digital camera. You'll just have to go look."

So, I sent her the site in an email. I also resent it to another aunt who used to read it, but lost the site from her favorites when she got a new computer. She doesn't comment either. lol

* Turns out that getting a new laptop computer is easier at my company than getting a new desktop computer. My work computer is extremely slow, doesn't even have a USB 2.0 port, and is over 7 years old. My boss submitted a request for a new desktop unit for me and a new laptop unit for him (his old laptop is not as old as my desktop!) he received a call and was told that the new laptop would be no problem, but a new desktop would not likely get approved. We were very shocked. So.. he is going to get me a laptop to work from instead. Isn't that funny? I don't particularly like laptops, so I'm not very thrilled.

* My mom is retiring from her job at the end of May. She used to read my blog, and she was one of my commenters, but her employer blocked her from viewing it anymore. Seems they found that my site is some type of pornographic site and disallowed her access. LOL! I'm still trying to talk her into getting a home computer, but she doesn't think it is necessary. When she asked me why she would need one I said, "Well, so you can read my blog!" (I think she may be considering this because she said, "yeah, I do miss reading that")

More later... maybe I will get to the pictures tonight! :)

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Barb said...

Awww, MAAAN!! I'm so sorry you were busted about the straws! I had some neat ways to torture you about those! Mostly making sly comments to tease you and make Jeff wonder what we were talking about and hoping he didn't find out too soon, so I could make sly.......well, you get it!