Monday, April 09, 2007

Yard work

Here are the pictures of the yard work that Conor and Jeff did, I helped a little, but they did most of it. Conor and Jeff went to get all the dirt and mulch, then Conor and I went and picked out the flowers. Here is the finished part along the side of the garage:
Conor watering the flowers:

See that spray of water coming out of the side? There is a hole in the metal part of our watering attachment - very strange... And - Conor managed to spray me with the water several times!
Jeff and I had just done the black edge thing around the flower bed, so we need to finish up with the mulch to hide the grass parts:

Here are a couple of pictures I took of the sky:


Barb said...

Everything looks so nice!! I hope this freeze didn't do any damage! Looks like you've got some pretty good help there!

Misty said...

What great pics! Conor is getting so big. I bet that he and Jerean would have alot of fun together. Looks like we need to get to work on our yard; yours looks great!