Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Completely Random Stuff

Well, I don't really have a whole lot of any one topic to write about... so.. here are some random updates:

* Jeff and Conor have been doing a lot of yard work over the past week. They went to Lowe's and got some mulch and some dirt and were working on the flower beds. Each morning of the weekend Conor would get up and say, "Daddy, I'm ready to go to work now!" He got to use his Little Gator to haul the bags of dirt and mulch to the correct place for unloading. On Sunday, Conor and I went to Lowe's and got some flowers to plant along the sidewalk. Then we went home and we all worked on planting and mulching. I have pictures, but... have not put them on my computer yet.

* My hyacinths have bloomed and smell wonderful! I wish they lasted longer than they do because I love walking out of my house (or coming home) to their wonderful smell! The tulips are almost bloomed, but not quite. They are beautiful, but... they do not have the fragrance that the hyacinths have...

* Spring is finally here! To stay? Not so sure. I hear rumors of the temperatures dropping and rain forecast for the weekend. :(

* Easter is almost here and I am not ready!

* The kids and I are going to North Carolina in June with my family. It will be my very first time going with the group that goes there every June. My vacation request was just approved by my boss, so I am so looking forward to it! A whole week on the beach! I already told him that I will have no internet access while there (I didn't verify that, but it doesn't say anything on the website about internet access) so I will not be able to work! YAY!

* I went to a Euchre party on Saturday night (we have them every couple of months) and I won! yay! First place even! It was fun, lots of laughing about silly stuff, but ... lots of laughing. Shirley was the hostess this time around and she treated us all to grilled steaks, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. We usually just have finger foods and snacks, but this time we got a nice dinner! Everyone contributed something - we had salad, chips and salsa, garlic toast, banana split dessert, a chocolate cake and a chocolate chip cookie I made - in the shape of a card, decorated with euchre terminology. We always have lots to much on during the games!

* Allie joined the track team and has practice every day after school. She has had 3 meets so far, but 2 of them have been "away" meets and begin before I get off work, so I hadn't gone to any yet. Yesterday was their first home meet and I went when I got off work. I walked up in time to see the end of Allie's last run. It was interesting, I had never gone to a track meet before, but it was different.

* Ceara is interested in taking gymnastics, but hasn't started anything yet, Jeff is looking into it right now. She will be going to 6th grade camp soon (May) - a tradition for 6th graders in our city. I went, my parents went... All the 6th graders are piled on a bus with their belongings, ideally all of the things that are on the "allow" list, and nothing from the "do NOT bring" list, and head off for the woods! But... kids will be kids and they will most definitely have something stashed! She will stay in a cabin with 7 or 8 other girls and a chaperon.

* Conor is ... Conor. Funny sometimes, pain in my butt other times. :) Oh, wait.. they are all like that! Just kidding... kinda!

* Allie will also be heading to Washington DC with her class in May. She will not be gone the same week as Ceara, but they are a week apart, I believe. Better because I will have at least one of them at the house to put to work, oh.. uh.. I mean spend time with. :)

Anyway, those are the latest updates!

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Barb said...

Boy, lots of busy "doin's" at your house! I remember those days! Hope everybody has a safe and wonderful time on their trips away from home!

Also hope your plants don't get frozen out! I know that's a lot of hard work and money just to see them all turn black! Maybe they'll make it!