Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cell Phone Videos

I've had this cell phone for what? Almost 2 years. And I didn't ever take the time to "sync" it to my computer. I didn't realize it even came with a cable and software to do so. Any pictures I ever used here from my cell phone, I emailed them. But it doesn't allow you to email videos because they are too big.

So I finally figured it out! Which is good, because I don't always take my camera with me but I usually have my cell phone! Which is what happened on Sunday when we went to Grandma's for lunch. Also, because it gives me so much more material for my month of blogging! ;)

With all the people and kids in our family, we have no young girls. All boys in the youngest generation right now. Conor is actually the youngest. So, of course with the snow they wanted to sled ride down the hill behind Grandma's house. The same hill we used when we were kids - another generation is enjoying it now.

So here we have Jonathan, Mason, Grant, and Conor enjoying the snow!


alique said...

Fun times, always, when those boys get together making memories.

Barb said...

What a blast! I'm so glad my grandson has a bunch of really close cousins to play with! The ones I know are really sweet guys!