Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Un-published posts

Sometimes I start to write a post and I get interrupted, or I just don't want to finish it at that time and I'll save it for later. Then later doesn't happen, so I'm left with all these unfinished posts that it seems a shame to delete, but really... they are old news. Maybe. So, sometimes I just delete them. Other times I just leave them.

Anyway, I was going through my list of posts today to see how many I haven't deleted. I thought I would share some with you on today's post. At least the titles and the dates.

The oldest one is from 02/26/08 - almost 2 years ago! The title is "Major Slacker" so I must have been talking about the kids, or Jeff, or anyone but me... right? OK, it was totally about my not posting enough. WhatEVER. Let's move on.

"Surprises in the mail" from 05/07/08 - this one I didn't post for two reasons. One - I wanted to take and add pictures of the surprise I got in the mail (I never did!) and two - I also had some sort of give-a-way thing planned, where I surprise someone with something in the mail. A commenter. But I didn't know what I was going to surprise anyone with, so I wanted to straighten that out before posting anything and well... I guess I forgot. I do regret not finishing that one because it was about some towels that Barb sent me, they totally made my day, and I should have let her know how thrilled I was with them by posting them here.

"Positive Thinking" from 06/26/08 - obviously I have nothing positive to think about because there was NOTHING in the body of that draft. Just the title. At least I was trying...

"On the agenda for today" from 09/06/08 - this was a really long post! I didn't finish it because I had to get started with all the things that were on the agenda for that day, so I never went back to finish and publish it! Humph.

"Busy Season" from 10/31/08 - another long post I didn't finish! Gosh, you could have had so much more to read here.

OK, that's not all, but that is all I'm sharing with this post. Oh, you thought I'd tell you about all of them in one post? PSSHHT! You're delusional! This is only Feb 3rd and I have so many more days to fill! I should have posted one per day... that would have taken up 14 days of posting! Oh, well. I didn't think that through, and I don't want to go back and edit! ;)

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Barb said...

You have a delightful sense of humor, Katie! I look forward to reading these every day! About the did tell me how much you enjoyed them so don't feel badly about not posting! Is it time for new ones?? Keep up the good work! love you!