Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Duper Mario Wii Something

Can I just say I hate this game? I mean... it just brings out the worst in me. I used to be really good at the regular Super Mario when I played in my teens. And even when Alli was little. I could beat her easily. Now Conor has the Wii and we got him errrr, Santa got him the Super Mario for Wii for Christmas and I suck. He makes me play it with him and the whole time he's yelling at me.

"Mom! You gotta save the crying little baby! Press 1 and shake the controller to pick it up! Don't let go!!"

I'm shaking the dang controller and pressing all the buttons I can. I manage to pick him up and then put him down again. Little turtles and mushrooms surrounding me, trying to kill me, trying to kill it.


"SHUT UP! You're making me nervous!!"

"Mom, you have to jump on Yoshi, then carry him in Yoshi's mouth." "Mom, you're doing it wrong!"


"I don't wanna save the crying little brat."

"Mom, we get cool stuff if we save him."

"I don't need any cool stuff. I don't use it."

"Mom, Me and Alli want the cool stuff, so it's 2 against 1 and you have to do it."

"Then you and Alli can save the little whiner."

"Mom, we gotta act like we fall for Bowser's trick."

"What does that even mean? I don't know what his trick is"

*insert 7 year old explanation that I don't understand a word of and can't remember*

Aaaaargh! I give up.


Mayo said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's no good at the Wii! My daughter loves this game too, needless to say Dad sucks at it, our conversations are very similar to yours!
Give me the good ole Space Invaders and Asteroids era any day, that's about the extend of my abilities. I didn't even minding "blowing on the Atari cartridges" to get them to work either.

Barb said...

HAHAHA!!! This sounds hilarious! Give me my one little farm on Facebook, that's my speed!