Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Valentine

Jeff went to visit his mom on Tuesday to hang out with her before he left for Michigan, and to make sure her driveway was clear. He came home with a box of goodies! He didn't know what was in it, so we gathered around to see.

It was full of these little boxes, with all our names on them and then some! See how creative she is?!?!

I can't tell you what was in them because some of them haven't been given out yet and that would just ruin the surprise!

Or I could just tell everyone they are empty and take their treats too... hmmmmm. Well, I guess I can't now! Unless I find something else to put in there... something I don't like.
And yes, the lame date is still on there. I took these at the same time as the icicles! :P
Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!

1 comment:

Barb said...

These were just a little something to celebrate the day, I'm glad you like them!!

I love you!