Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The lates snow

Looking out our front door - the sidewalk was shoveled from the prior snow, then we got more and just gave up for the night.

This is a HUGE icicle hanging from the front of our house. I don't know if this picture gives it justice. It is almost as tall as me, definitely taller than Conor. He wants it.

These are the ones over the door, and yes those are two stickers on the windows. Conor put them there when we first moved in and I just never removed them.

You will note that I hid the year in the pictures because I was lame and didn't set the correct date on my camera yet. As soon as I went to edit them I saw the date and immediately corrected my camera.

The bush out front even has icicles on it. I'm really hoping that snow storm that is supposed to hit this weekend gets blown into a different area!
Jeff should be in his hotel room in MI by now - he left this afternoon. He will be gone for 2 weeks so I won't have anyone to shovel the snow for me. :( Maybe I can con one of the neighborhood kids into it... those cupcakes might come in handy this weekend to bribe someone!
Stay warm!

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Barb said...

Pretty pictures! Your house looks like mine!! I have a lovely neighbor who has used his snowblower 3 times this winter on my driveway. When Jeff came over he still had to shovel several inches out of it because the wind blew it all back! (thanks againk Son!) He also knocked down a huge icicle off the corner of the house, and had to trudge through more than knee-deep snow to get there!

I think I'm pretty much done with snow for the year now!