Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What a day! No, I didn't get to make the cupcakes. To start, we got a lot more snow last night and our road and driveway were a mess this morning. I had already brought my laptop home with me, so I called my boss and worked from home. Of course he said to try to come in, but by the time the driveway was cleared, and the road was finally plowed, it was in the afternoon and there was no sense in driving to work to do what I could just do here. I can VPN into our network at the office, so I had access to everything I needed. Besides that, the rental car wouldn't start and my car has a flat tire. Pancake flat.

I could have probably made them today, but I would have felt guilty doing that when I was supposed to be working. So, no cupcakes today.

Then my mom called to tell me my aunt Betty is in the hospital with pneumonia, they had taken her this morning and she was admitted. Jeff left to go see his mom, and I took Conor with me to go see Betty and take her some magazines and chocolate. Just in case she needed something to pass the time, but with all the people there, who knows if she will get to read them. She will probably be so exhausted by the time everyone leaves that she will just go to sleep. We got there around 6:30pm and my mom and aunt Judy were there. Judy left after we got there, and then my aunt Maggie came in. Conor and I were on our way out the door when Andy, Missy, Grant and Mason were walking in. So she has had a pretty steady stream of visitors since getting her room.

Also, on our way to the hospital, Alli sent me a text to let me know that Austin (my nephew) was at Urgent Care because he broke his collar bone. Again. This is the 5th time that poor boy has broken his collar bone in his 14 years. Once was at birth. The other times were during various boy activities - football, basketball, skateboarding. Once was on his birthday - during his birthday party! This time was sledding. It doesn't seem to stop him from doing these things though!

So, we just got home, I had to make Conor something to eat and I just don't feel up to the cupcakes tonight. Maybe this weekend when we are supposed to get 8 more inches of snow. Ugh. Go away already! I'm ready for flowers and spring!


Misty said...

WOW..5 times??? Alex broke hers once during basketball and that was enough for all of us!! She was in so much pain, I can't imagine going through that 5 times!! I hope that everyone gets to feeling better. BTW, can you send me a cupcake??? :)

Katie said...

Well, of course! I'm not sure what condition it would be in upon arrival... but I could send it. ;)

Misty said...

HAHA, thanks but it's ok. I think that it's condition might be a little messy. Just think of me while you eat one for me!!

Barb said...

Aww! Your poor family! I sure hope everyone heals up quickly, give them my best!

And yes, I'm ready for the snow to go away too!!


Katie said...

Well, Barb, you live close enough that we can bring you one, if we don't get stuck in our house and eat them all ourselves! :)