Saturday, February 06, 2010

Conor and I went to the Y Thursday night with Danielle (my best friend) and her kids. We went to pick them up and as we were driving to the Y, the following conversation occurred:

Danielle: "What do you like to do at the Y, Conor?"

Conor: "I like to swim."

Danielle: "You're my kinda guy, Conor, I like to swim too."

Conor: "Well, ummmm, I think you're a little bit too old for me."

We totally lost it. Both of us, cracking up. Danielle said "Ya think?" while laughing. Totally shot down by a 7 year old.

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Barb said...

It amazes me that a child of 7 knows (or thinks) he's being hit on! Somehow that makes me sad. Or am I over reacting?