Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No, I didn't forget

In light of being sick and all that is happening at work... I don't really feel like it, but since a promise is a promise, and I only have 5 days left (including today), I'll just write a little something.

Just a wait and see as to who will be remaining when the dust settles. Rumors flying. Who even knows what is truth and what is made up?

The office was extremely quiet today, what with me being the only one there for most of it, and I haven't learned to talk to myself yet.

I'm sure that will start soon.

If they hadn't disabled my CD player on my computer, I could be listening to music that wouldn't bother anyone all day long.

Well, at least no one is around to hear me fart.

Sorry. I had to make you smile a little bit. ;)


Barb said...

You are so funny! I truly never expected that last line!!

Mayo said...

So coughing and also feeling gassy K? haha

alique said...

I think it sucks that businesses can be so cold hearted at this time of life. People are struggling enough to get through it. A little music could sooth the soul. Feel better. Love.