Monday, February 08, 2010

Five Years

I have been writing this blog for almost 5 years. FIVE YEARS! My first post was on March 13th, 2005. Wow, has Conor grown a lot since then. Every once in a while I go back and read some of the posts from years ago, it's fun to do. Maybe I can do a "favorite post thing" for my 5 year anniversary. Or a giveaway. I'm sure I have a ton of stuff I could give away already in a closet at home. That means I need to look.

Yes, I have another month til I reach the 5 year mark thing. I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to mark the occasion. Well, I DO have a month to decide! I would start writing a post right now, except I have that one thing going on where I promised to post every day for this month. So, I think I'll get through one blogging promise at a time.

A thought just occurred to me and I checked to see if March 13th was on a Friday this year, but alas it is not. Not that I'm superstitious or anything, it just could have been something I used as a theme or something.

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Barb said...

Ohmygosh! What a cutie pie face Conor has there, makes me want to kiss the whole thing! Teddy has grown quite a lot too, I didn't realize it had been 5 years already. Gosh, what if the next 5 go by just as fast? Hard to think about!