Friday, February 19, 2010

Dog Vs Spider

Conor got a mechanical spider for Christmas and Teddy does not like it one bit.



Mayo said...

Funny stuff!
I must admit K, I've enjoyed reading your daily February posts. Looks like I might not be the victor in our bet, you're in the home stretch now. We should have made it TWO months...haha, I'm pretty sure I would have had you on a longer time frame!

Katie said...

HA! And I think I may have an idea for my prize... not sure you are up for it, but I will email you later with the details. ;)

Barb said...

This is really funny and even funnier when I watched it happen! Poor Teddy! He was so determined to save us all! What a sweet dog.

Barb said...

I had to pop back in to see this again just to hear Conor giggle! LOL!